Complimentary Three Meeting Process

Armstrong Advisory Group is always looking for opportunities to meet with prospective clients. This may include, but is not limited to, families seeking sophisticated investment management, pre-retirees who are serious about planning for a successful retirement, and high net worth families interested in estate and generational planning. We are able to assist with 401(k) rollovers, pension analysis, and asset protection. Our three-meeting process is thoughtful, engaging, and customized to each client.

First Meeting 

The first meeting is centered around the client’s Fact Finder, a worksheet mailed prior to the initial consultation. The Fact Finder may generate discussions concerning goals and objectives, pre- and post-retirement income needs, estate planning, and a preliminary review of any current investment accounts. The advisor may also review the client’s Federal Tax Return to determine adjustable gross income, taxable income, marginal tax bracket and any loss carry-forwards. In sharing this tax-related information, the advisor may make suitable recommendations that are sensitive to the client’s tax situation.

Second Meeting 

During the second meeting, the advisor will present a full analysis of the client’s current portfolio and a written investment recommendation. The advisor will highlight differences between the two portfolios, including sector and geographic breakdown, portfolio income, beta vs. S&P 500, and gross expense ratio. The advisor may also prepare a Financial Endurance Analysis to project income distributions and principal balance throughout retirement, based on hypothetical stock market returns. Finally, the client will receive reading materials pertinent to their specific wealth management plan explaining key financial, estate and tax planning topics. The client should review these materials at their leisure.

Third Meeting 

A third meeting is scheduled once the decision is made to engage Armstrong Advisory Group. In order to become a client, there is a brief enrollment meeting to establish accounts at National Financial Services. It may take approximately 1-3 weeks to transfer existing accounts and begin the portfolio reallocation.

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