A 2015 Medicaid Update:  A Complete Guide to Medicaid Eligibility and Last Minute Planning Tips

to Protect your Spouse and Family When Entering a Nursing Home


By  Todd E. Lutsky, Esq., LL.M

Medicaid Planning Pointer: The first step in the Medicaid application process is to determine which assets the state considers to be countable or at risk and which ones are not. The application for Medicaid simply requires you to list all assets and has numerous related questions. The balance of this article will help you understand not only which assets are countable and non-countable, but also what can be done with them at the last minute to protect them during the Medicaid application preparation and eligibility process. Finally, it is this author’s suggestion that you do not try to apply for Medicaid on your own as there are many traps for the unwary throughout the Medicaid process.

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