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Barry and his team are dedicated to providing custom solutions that are unique to each client’s situation.  As independent registered investment advisor representatives, we are chartered with recommending investments that are both suitable and in the clients’ best interest.  Being independent allows our advisors to select from an immense array of investment choices.

Some advisors may focus purely on the creation and management of your investment portfolio. While this is an important part of any financial plan, our advisors understand that there are other pieces that must be incorporated in order to create a comprehensive solution.

From our first meeting, we work to assist in designing estate planning and tax solutions that are critical in seeking to maximize the value of your estate. Working with a dedicated team of legal and tax associates, we utilize a number of legal vehicles and tax strategies that work in concert in an effort to create an estate that operates efficiently and with the lowest possible tax liability.

Each estate plan is customized to best suit the needs of the client by licensed attorneys and tax professionals. Our close relationships with these associates allow us to work together to eliminate liabilities that can affect your overall return, as well as allowing you to best work towards your stated goals. These working relationships allow us to provide our clients high level of detail-oriented service.

In order to better service our clients, Armstrong Advisory Group has established a number of partnerships with local professionals in the legal, tax, accounting and mortgage financing industries. In keeping with our goal of being able to examine your total financial picture, this allows us to ensure that all aspects of your planning are working in concert to produce a cohesive financial plan. Our close relationships with these professionals allow us to communicate quickly and effectively to make changes to your plan.