Succession Planning

It is critical for every investor to have a succession plan. Focusing the mind’s attention on topics such as incapacitation and death is never pleasant, but it is necessary for anyone concerned about leaving behind a sound financial legacy for his or her loved ones. Of course, one key ingredient is the development of a comprehensive estate plan. We partner with a team of elder law attorneys who can establish a trust designed to protect an individual or married couple’s assets from estate taxes, probate, and the costs of long-term care.

Succession PlanningIf you haven’t done so already, it is also important to begin working with a financial advisor who is responsible to make suitable investment recommendations that are in your best interests at all times. If you have managed your own portfolio up to this point, an advisor is able to help prepare your succession plan and serve as a resource for your loved ones in the event of your incapacitation or death. Remember that your loved ones might not share your level of financial prowess.

To better serve our clients, the Armstrong Advisory Group partners with a network of leading industry professionals specializing in areas such as elder law, insurance, financing, and tax preparation. Our integrated approach creates a synergy between each client’s professional advisors. This allows us to develop a comprehensive financial plan to help preserve and protect the assets you have worked hard to attain.

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